The Sounds of Trash

DJ King Pigeon Set 38
Arcus (11/04/13)

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Plotted in Zagreb, Croatia; Ljubljana, Slovenia; and Donetsk, Ukraine. Recorded from January to April 2013 in Donetsk.
DJ King Pigeon Set 37
Arcus (14/12/12)

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The set begins with a snoring hummingbird dreaming of traveling to Europe on the eve of December 21st 2012. It ends one minute before she awakens to a brand new world.
DJ King Pigeon Set 36
All the Way from Premier Pub to Caffe Petkovšek (12/06/12)

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A (relatively) short set with a bunch of older tunes and a handful of current tracks, dedicated to those who work and drink at two of my favorite places in Ljubljana.
DJ King Pigeon Set 35
Conceived in Zagreb, Born in Ljubljana (05/04/12)

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Some of the tunes were those I was playing at my friend Nathan's house back in Atlanta, where he generously allowed me to crash way back in October 2011. Others I came across after arriving in Zagreb in November. In February I moved from Zagreb to Ljubljana, and in May I return to Zagreb. So, here is the soundtrack to my last several months of adventure and fun in the former Yugoslavia. Special thanks to Plan B Bar for giving the king pigeon a place to roost behind the decks.
DJ King Pigeon Set 34
[Untitled] (10/08/11)

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This set reminds me of the way I used to do 'em: shorter and trashier. It hasn't the scale and scope of Set 33, but its being tighter and more focused is not a bad thing, either. It's like a gymnast doing a well-executed but lower degree of difficulty vault versus pulling off a spectacularly high degree of difficulty one with a step on the landing. Hope I stuck the landing here, and that you like it! :-D
DJ King Pigeon Set 33
The Gold Standard (10/02/11)

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Here she is at last—and she's a noisy little thing! Since this epic is a 3.5 hour journey, be sure to have plenty of beer in the fridge before you start playing it. ;-D
DJ King Pigeon Set 32
From Midnight to 3:30 AM (09/07/10)

This set was retired because it stayed out past its curfew.
DJ King Pigeon Set 31
This Set Makes Me Sad Because You Cannot Play It Loud Enough (17/11/09)

And now that the set has been retired, you cannot play it at all. :'-(
DJ King Pigeon Set 30
A Phat Monster Motherfucker (11/06/09)

This set was too Phat, too Monstrous, and too Motherfucker. So it has been removed.
DJ King Pigeon Set 29
The Gilded Age (03/02/09)

This set has been sent to its room on account of being naughty.
DJ King Pigeon Set 28
Destination: Disco-Reaction (24/11/08)

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