Demoni vs. "Eurotrash or Eurotreasure?"

I have noticed recently that I, Mr. Lava, am frequently confused with Lamberto Bava. PEOPLE!!! Lamberto Bava directed bad Italian horror films like Demoni. I, on the other hand, spin good Italian music all over the globe. We are in totally different artistic fields. However, I suppose there may be some superfical similarities. Consider:

Opens with break-dancing music by Goblin. Opens with Valeria Rossi's "Tre Parole."
Characters watching a horror movie are transformed into demons. Viewers of Secam's multimedia bombast are transformed into dancing fiends.
Most characters are killed. One attendee killed by a bull. But that was, like, a year ago.
Demons spit up green goop. Vomit, yes. Green goop, no.
A helicopter falls into the movie theater in a dramatic instance of deus ex machina. Hampenberg's "Duck Toy" falls onto listener's ears in a party-saving instance of deus ex machina.
Ideas from Demoni ripped off by Wes Craven. Ideas from "Eurotrash or Eurotreasure?" ripped off by every club in the free world.

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