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Welcome to "5-2-5," wherein we ask an artist five questions related to Eurodance output and five questions about other stuff.

Chris Menzi, alias Wavetraxx, in the studio

Our first subject is 22 year-old Chris Menzi, perhaps best known to trance fans as Wavetraxx (and also as Wavescope and Polartraxx). My first exposure to Chris's work was through the song "Dark Angel," (produced with DJ Centaury), one of the most dramatic dance tunes of the last year. Wavetraxx's excellent "Freedom" has charted all over Europe, and the prolific Menzi has produced several other songs under a variety of aliases. Naturally, I was eager to chat with Chris, and with some help from Green Galaxy Music I tracked him down. This e-mail exchange took place on April 20, 2002.

Five Questions About the Music

Q: Do you draw your musical inspiration exclusively from other trance artists, or do you find it in other types of music?
A: i take my inspiration from other trance artists or from myself! i hear a good song from someone else, and copy some good sequences to my new sound! For example, "darkangel" is only myself! it's one of my first sounds that i composed! for "freedom" i heard the song arrakis "the spice"...

Q: How do you write a song? Does it come up in your head, say, while you're walking down a street, or do you craft it entirely in the studio?
A: it's different! example: i programmed a new sound on my analog synti, the sound is cool and then i'm full of inspiration! it's so different... :-)

i go to a technoparty, and hear some cool sound, then i'm full of inspiration... etc...

Q: What motivates you to create dance music?
A: make a new sound... my sound... create cool melodies... sound for the partypeople.. :-)

Q: Describe the first song you ever composed, as in ever-ever?
A: my really first song? oppsss.. its a long time ago...i have composed a lot of songs.

Q: What future Chris Menzi releases can we look forward to?
A: in future coming soon good sounds and remixes... my studio gets bigger and bigger... now i have good syntis to make my sounds! in the beginning i had not the money to pay good syntis...

coming a fat trance vinyl at midgerecords/fogarea (D) dj loop [Editor note: this name and others that follow are all Chris Menzi aliases] "the hymne"! the new wavescope-vinyl (titel ? spirit of...?) on planettraxx!

a new s.y.s. called "weiber"... and my great hope wavetraxx "world in motion"!

the song "darkangel" i will remix with very better quality and coming in future!

[Editor note: some Wavetraxx tunes are available on American iTunes. Visit Chris on the web at]

Five Questions About Other Stuff

Q: How has the switch to the Euro impacted you?
A: i live in switzerland! we haven't the euro! only other lands (germany, austria, france.... etc.!) but for me it's okay! no problems....

Q: Do you own any pets? If yes, who takes care of them while you're on the road?
A: pets? i ? :-) no, my mother has a dog! that's enough.. :-) i have no time for any pets!

Q: Did you go to university? If yes, what did you study there?
A: no student, i work in a fitness center in arbon! but it's only a 40% job, the other time i work in my studio! my dream for the future is to work only in the studio... but that is a dream! :-)

Q: What do your parents think about your career?
A: my parents support my career not great! my father always said, i have to search a right job, not musician... i'm a musician....i think, that's my way! :-)

Q: What are your current living accommodations like?
A: i live at home by my parents! i have not the money for a flat! i invest all my money in music! i hope to earn enough money in the next years, so that i can rent or own a flat, own a car.... etc.... i will see what the future brings to me :-)

Thanks, Chris, and good luck convincing the parents; I think we all identify! Visit Chris at his own Web site,!

Where the F*** is Alice?
April 19, 2002

Alice DeeJay? Where are you?

The official Alice DeeJay fan site has been stripped down to videos and contact information only (so you can no longer send that Alice DeeJay e-card to your friends) [errrr, February 2003 update—the site is now gone—editor]. Some fan sites optimistically report that a new album is due "in May", but since those sites fail to include years in their dates, who knows which May they're referring to? (Alice DeeJay's platinum selling debut album, Who Needs Guitars Anyway? came out in the U.S. in March 2000.) One fan site has concluded that Alice DeeJay is a "'dead' dance-act." [Apparently, that site is now dead, also.]

What's the real deal? Well, two of our intrepid reporters in Alice's homeland (the Netherlands) called Alice DeeJay's booking agent to find the answer.

Bill, one of those two, writes: "well, i just called and talked to the people at the booking agency. apparently she's not currently performing. i asked when she would next be performing and they said it is not known. then i asked if it would be anytime in the near future and they again told me it was unknown."

Why should we care about the death of Alice DeeJay? Because Alice was the most successful Eurotrash outfit to hit stateside since Snap!, that's why! And while Eiffel 65 looked strong at first, it seemed that Alice was going to outlast them, largely because singer Judy was cute and didn't do silly electronic things with her voice. (And who distributed the second Eiffel 65 album in America? No one.)

I remember the first time I saw the CD single for "The Lonely One" back in 2000. I thought to myself, "Yuck! That looks like Eurotrash!" A few weeks later, after downloading the tune off Napster, I bought the full length CD (we support our artists at King Pigeon Productions) and was bouncing around my room exclaiming, "Yay! I love Eurotrash!" Years later I find myself writing for the "Eurotrash or Eurotreasure?" Web site, and penniless.

But seriously, I shudder to think that Alice DeeJay's Judy might have been cast away by her pop puppeteers for fear that she was getting too old to compete with the newest wave of trance-pop waifs (who, in an ironic turn, may have been inspired by none other than Alice DeeJay). If such is the case, Judy certainly deserved better than that. She, as the face of the Alice DeeJay project, hammered Eurodance decisively into the heart of dance-unfriendly America. If Madonna is the Queen of Pop, Judy might have had a shot at being, at the very least, a Duchess.

Than again, perhaps Judy has happily retired with her millions and is living in Ibiza with her husband and two children.

In any case, Alice DeeJay, R.I.P.

Snow Parrot Saves the Day!
March 21, 2002

Snow Parrot saves the day! Snow Parrot flies low and attacks bad guys! Ouch! Snow Parrot!

There is a man running with diamonds. Snow Parrot to the rescue! Snow Parrot attacks the diamond man. Bite bite bite! What a sharp beak you have, Snow Parrot!

Snow Parrot!

When he flies, look out! He is Snow Parrot—faster than you!

It has been a slow news month.

Eurodance Summit on Life Held
March 6, 2002

"Life!" proclaimed E-type as he brought down the gavel. And so the floor was opened for an 8 hour debate wherein a multitude of Eurodance acts from many nations wrestled with the primary issues of life itself.

First, the delegates struggled to come to terms with life's most basic questions. Who is alive? Who is not?

"You are alive," said Fragma.

"This is your life," Celeste retorted.

But Jennifer Brown's synthesis of Fragma's and Celeste's sentiments astonished the entire delegation.

"We're alive," Brown exclaimed. The delegation roared their approval and Paul Van Dyk made a note in the wings.

Raven Maize then beseeched the delegation to note that "This is the real life." The room drowned in thunderous applause.

The second task was to quantify life. Ace of Base presented an eloquent metaphor, proclaiming that "life is a flower." When pressed further, they opined, "It's a beautiful life."

When asked if he had any grievances about life, Kai Tracid noted that "life is too short." However, he seemed to find this a source of motivation rather than a cause for depression.

Mono Culture wished to discuss the "light of my life," but was shouted down by the delegation, as the topic on hand was life itself—not the things that inspire it.

Vice President Cheney's Favorite Song Might be "The Clown Song"
March 5, 2002

In what may be the strongest evidence so far for a major stateside Eurotrash invasion, government officials concede that "it is entirely possible" that Vice President Dick Cheney's favorite song is P-Control's "The Clown Song."

"While I am not familiar with Vice President Cheney's taste in music, I concede that he may be listening to 'The Clown Song,' " admits White House press Secretary Ari Fleischer. "As far as I know, it may be his favorite song ever."

Rumor of Cheney's possible infatuation with "The Clown Song" began at the "Eurotrash or Eurotreasure?" Web site with an article entitled "Vice President Cheney's Favorite Song Might be 'The Clown Song'." The article—in fact, this sentence—revealed that Cheney could be applying clown make-up to his face and donning enormous floppy shoes in preparation for all-night lip-syncs to the wildly popular P-Control tune (which even has its own Web site: Although E or E admits that this is all speculation, Las Vegas oddsmakers are quick to point out that a "Clown Song" obsessed Cheney is "not impossible."

Lest the Democratic Party be outdone, Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle is "probably" air-guitaring to DJ Balloon's "Monstersound."


Grammys Shocker
February 28, 2002

Eurodance acts were shut out at the 44th Annual Grammy Awards Ceremony, held Wednesday, February 27th at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. The Grammys are a music awards program for industry-backed acts.

In the closely-watched "best dance recording" category, the winner was Janet Jackson.

In related news, it was recently determined that the Grammys suck.

ATC: Ker-ching?

February 15, 2002

General Electric is featuring ATC's "Around the World" in its commercials! Trash conquest is imminent! Read on:

From: "Harman, James (CORP)"
To: "''" <>
Subject: RE: CV20020211_0000000222 Contact Form
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2002 09:23:51 -0500
X-Mailer: Internet Mail Service (5.5.2653.19)

Thanks for your recent email about GE's new television commercials airing on the Winter Olympics on NBC.
The spot you've asked about is called "Then and Now" and it features a
recording of the song "LaLaLa Around the World" from the group ATC.
More information about GE can be obtained on our web site at
We appreciate your interest in GE.

From: King Pigeon []
Sent: Friday, February 15, 2002 9:34 AM
To: Harman, James (CORP)
Subject: RE: CV20020211_0000000222 Contact Form

Is ATC making a bundle?


From: "Harman, James (CORP)"
To: "'King Pigeon'" <>
Subject: RE: CV20020211_0000000222 Contact Form
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2002 09:42:38 -0500 X-Mailer: Internet Mail Service (5.5.2653.19)

Sorry we can't disclose our deal.

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